SEO Silo

- 120 blog posts delivered in 60 days
- Blogs created on client's website or on agency's assigned subdomain
- Includes SEO Silo Strategy
- Stock images
- Internal linking of blog post to service page
- Keyword research
- Proper SEO structure
- Article word count of 1,500 - 3,000 per blog post
- Cost per blog $41.63

SEO Silo Details

We create content and add the 120 blog posts on your website.

Blogs are processed in bulk, meaning we will deliver the 120 completed blog posts within 60 days. Blogs will not be batch processed. You should expect all 120 blogs at the end of 60 days from when payment has been received and processed.

Once blogs have been set up on the client's site, blog posts should be scheduled to drip once a day. Clients will need to have someone on their team or a social media company like 99 Social or 98 Social handle their social media calendar and post the content on a daily basis. The person posting to social media will need to add a short blurb about the blog post and provide a link to the blog post in their social post. This works well with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktoc, etc. If you have a Google My Business (GMB) profile, then you can add these posts to the GMB profile as well. The goal is to use social media to drive people to your website. Your website should act as your #1 sales person.

Blog posts can also be used in Email Marketing Campaigns. You can provide links to the blog posts inside of newsletters, onboarding sequences, as resources for new lead inquiries on confirmation pages, inside FAQs on their website, creating a guide to download or visit and much more.

Clients will begin to see more traffic to their website in approximately 30 days after all posts have been scheduled to drip. It's important to have the content scheduled to drip 1-2 articles per day to get the best results. As a rule of thumb, it generally takes 3-6 months for SEO to produce measurable results. It can take Google anywhere from 4 days to 6 months to process new content to be crawled and indexed.

The Silo-Effect has a compounding effect where being consistent with content marketing is going to produce long term results that produce more impression and traffic to your website. One thing you should have is a service page that has been optimized for conversions so that we can link to it from the blog posts we create. This will help rank the service page and increase the number of conversions, which is the end goal.

If you do not have an "About the Author" bio on your blog page, then it is highly suggested to have one. The content in the author section should give a brief introduction to who you are and who you work with. There should also be a link to learn more and a link to each of your services.

Conversions should be focused on in two places - one being the services page and the other on the blog posts. On the services page we are looking for people to call or fill out the contact form. This can be any type of form, but we want to get the visitor in a consultation or in an email marketing sequence to learn more about the service by providing them with a guide of everything they need to know. On the blogs, you will want to have a survey or a quiz for them to fill out. This can even be an estimator. The quiz, survey or estimator will get them to engage and will capture their lead information. It's important to have a process where someone on your team will reach out to people who fill out the form. This can be automated via SMS, email or phone call to get them into a consultation.

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