About The Hopper Company LLc

Welcome to The Hopper Company LLC!

The Hopper Company LLC is a Digital Marketing Agency in Minneapolis, MN providing Web Design, SEO, Analytics Tracking, Google & Facebook Ads services. 

Established in 2016, The Hopper Company LLC, has been helping clients build successful lead generation systems that closes the gap on missed opportunities by increasing conversion rates without having to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on marketing.

About Brandon Hopper

Brandon Hopper is the owner of the company The Hopper Company LLC based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota where he helps businesses develop their online marketing strategies.

Prior to starting The Hopper Company LLC, Brandon spent more than 10 years working with companies in a wide variety of industries to develop, maintain and grow their online presence.

From recommending different marketing tools and technologies to optimizing web sites for higher search result rankings, he has overseen various facets of online marketing.

Outside of work, Brandon enjoys working out, spending time with his family, playing with his two dogs, roasting his own coffee and all things Buffalo Bills.

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