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We help companies with marketing automation services including platform recommendations, set up and support, assessments, direct response marketing and demand generation.

From simple to complex, our Minneapolis Web Design team will build you as solution that is easy to maintain, affordable and effective. Our websites are built for speed and are meant to rank.

We build and implement search engine strategies based on your content and your business, not something your competitor said "worked for them." Get more leads with better rankings.

Automate your business by putting your marketing on autopilot. Our marketing automation service allows you to work the warm and hot leads while we heat up the cold ones.

When it comes to your customers, we'll help you speak their language. Get fast results and a boost in sales by targeting the right customers who want to buy from you right now.

Client Testimonials

Alexandra Peterson
Owner of Idalia Photography, Howell, NJ

I've been working with Brandon on search engine optimization for my website and in a short time, he has been able to identify key factors that were affecting my page rank and helped me implement changes that have resulted in positive effects almost immediately. Brandon has taken the time to get to know my business needs and site structure in order to provide sound advice and he consistently provides guidance and answers questions along the way. I highly recommend his services!

Derek Seaman
Owner of Derek Seaman Photography, San Diego, CA

I hired The Hopper Company to help with web design. He's super responsive, excellent fair rates, easy to get a hold of, and I feel like a very honest person. He also has a stable of WP plug-ins that can be used to enhance your site. I would certainly hire him again for additional future work.

Tom Wertish
Owner of Novallus Insurance Brokers, Wayzata, MN

I hired The Hopper Company for a complete web re-design and reboot. I was previously on Squarespace and it lacked the functionality I desired. Brandon connected my Infusionsoft CRM to my new website so new opportunities would be sent directly to my CRM. My new website is quick and clean and much more modern looking [novallus dot com]. It's also responsive so it looks great on mobile and tablets. I didn't know anything about SEO, and Brandon knows a lot. He fixed (and continues to manage) my SEO. I'm seeing real results moving me up in search engine ranking. This is translating to more page views and more leads for my team. Brandon is an honest professional in a field crowded with many empty promises. He'll find solutions that make a direct impact on your business. I recommend hiring him before your competition does! I'm happy to provide additional reference detail upon request.

Renee Crawford
Owner of Zachary Lee Crawford Foundation, Chillicothe, IL

Brandon made the daunting task of recreating a website painless. Highly recommend his services!

Andy Lydick
Owner of Abigail Gingerale Photography, Allentown, NJ

Brandon helped me out big time with my Facebook Pixel and SDK install on my site. I wanted to make sure my pixel was working properly. I wanted to have that peace of mind that everything was working the way it should. So he did it. We ran into a problem setting up the SDK on my site. We reached out to Facebook support and they were or little help. They sent me an email to some help forum on their site to search for the answer. Brandon went the extra mile to figure out the issue. He contacted me on a holiday weekend saying that he had fixed it. Everything is working great right now.

I'm so happy with everything that Brandon did. I'm not a web developer, I'm a business owner trying to reach my customers in the best way possible. Brandon made sure that it was easy for me and he went above and beyond to make sure everything was working as it should. Thanks so much man! Can't wait to have you work with us on future projects.

Corey Potter
Owner of Fuel Your Photos, Columbia, SC

I had a fairly complex integration issue that I needed to work out and I tried everything I could think of. I asked several of my developer friends, and even contacted support for the premium plugins that I was trying to integrate. The plugin developer told me that what I was trying to do wasn't even possible and they had never heard of anyone doing it. I knew this couldn't be right, but still couldn't figure out the best route forward. I ended up connecting with Brandon over Skype and I explained my situation to him. Immediately I could tell that he was going to be able to help. After we talked through some options, Brandon told me exactly what I needed to know. I went back and implemented what we talked about on that call, and within a week I had my integration up and running exactly as I had imagined. I just wish I would have asked Brandon 2 months earlier so I didn't have to go through all the headaches. If you're looking for help with advanced APIs or WordPress integrations, talk to Brandon first!

Nathan Heisick
Owner of Aerial Advantage 360, Plymouth, MN

The Hopper Company LLC has been great to work with. Brandon will take your call just about any time of day and was quick to solve all my server, email and formatting issues that arose.

After designing and building my website from scratch, he also worked on the SEO for my site, getting it to show up on Google in just a few weeks and have an “A” rating for searchability and readability..

Monica Reynolds
Owner of Monica Roberts Photography, San Antonio, TX

Brandon was so easy to work with and had my Facebook + SDK installed on my site the SAME DAY! He made sure the colors matched my site and made sure everything was running smoothly. I HIGHLY recommend using Brandon!!

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