Pay-Per-call Program

About The Hopper Company LLc

The Hopper Company LLC is a Digital Marketing Agency in Minneapolis, MN providing Web Design, SEO, Analytics Tracking, Google & Facebook Ads services.

Established in 2016, The Hopper Company LLC, has been helping clients build successful lead generation systems that closes the gap on missed opportunities by increasing conversion rates without having to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on marketing.

About Brandon Hopper

Brandon Hopper is the owner of the company The Hopper Company LLC based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota where he helps businesses develop their online marketing strategies.

Prior to starting The Hopper Company LLC, Brandon spent more than 15 years working with companies in a wide variety of industries to develop, maintain and grow their online presence.

From recommending different marketing tools and technologies to optimizing web sites for higher search result rankings, he has overseen various facets of online marketing.

How It Works

"Understanding the 15% Problem is YOUR Advantage"

Every year Google processes trillions of online search terms...

What is unknown to the general public, is at least 15% of these searches are 'hidden' terms also known as 'micro-terms' -- this is a long-tail keyword that is hyper specific and often over 6 words e.g. 'most affordable personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn 2021'.

It's these micro-terms which generate high-intent and ready to buy customers...we just have to access them.

Using a combination of Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) combined with real-time discovery of these 'micro-terms' we are able to hyper-optimize up to 45,000 pieces of value content every single day...

The Result...

Thousands of high-intent calls coming through our system every single month.

This is works extremely well for the following industries:

  • personal injury attorneys
  • insurance companies and agents
  • home services
  • real estate
  • equipment rentals
  • commercial cleaning services
  • realtors
  • travel agents
  • wedding planners
  • financial advisors

and many more...

Please see a live demonstration and breakdown by our co-founders Dan and Adam in the videos below.

Personal Injury Attorneys

30 Cases Generated and Closed within 1 Month

Auto Repair

6,244 calls generated averaging a 25% close rate

Water Damage

7,823 calls generated averaging a 25% close rate

Roof Repair

2,057 calls generated averaging a 30% close rate

The Process

Below you will find a simple invoice which includes your first 25 calls. Once confirmed, you will be on-boarded and ready to receive calls!

1. Reserve Your Location

We have a list of locations where we have the ability to generate a benchmark of qualified inbound calls per month:

- 30-50 Calls per County
- 100+ Calls per State

2. We Assign Your Tracking Number

We will assign you a 'custom tracking number' which we will use to track and measure the monthly call volumes. This number will be where we send quality traffic through the online searches.

We custom brand all content under our own properties, appearing as a third party provider.

3. We Send Calls

The usual wait time for a brand new location is 2-3 weeks for the calls to start drip feeding through. The very second the first lead clicks the call button, our own call centre will answer the in-bound call and direct them to your main line via warm transfer.

- We only send calls
- No follow-up needed from your team!

4. Pay Per Call - No Contract, No Set-up Fee.

True to our word you will only pay per qualified call we send. Every week the total amount of calls will be calculated based on the agreed amount and an automated invoice sent.

At the end of the month, you have the ability to assess your calls and if any calls are unqualified - you will either be refunded or have this as a credit added to your next month.

What counts as a qualified billable call:

  • Calls not answered by the client are billable.
  • Calls going to an automated call service or answering machine are billable.
  • Calls where clients agent informs legitimate prospect, prior to any qualifier, that they will be called back are billable.
  • Calls where client attempts to convert the call to an appointment or sale regardless of call type are billable.
  • Calls where client refers prospect to another company are billable calls.
  • Callers placed on hold for 20 seconds or longer are billable.
  • Calls that ring for 20 seconds or longer without being answered are billable.

A minimum order of 25 calls will be required for the first month. This will be pre-paid and added directly to your call quota.

Next Steps

Below you will find a simple invoice which includes your first 25 calls
Once confirmed, you will be on-boarded and ready to receive calls!

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